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HTTP question

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OK, RESTafarians and HTTP experts, here’s a question. Is it kosher to send a Location: header back with an ordinary, say 200, response? Scenario: the server knows better than the client what the client needs. ‘I realize you asked for, but instead I’m sending you — ready or not, here it comes..’ -m

Freudian ill-formedness?

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In case you didn’t notice, a new XML Annoyances is out. From the first comment there: markup typo 2007-01-11 18:58:33 Michael Dyck [Reply] In the link following “same unofficial naming scheme as”, the attribute is missing its closing quote-mark, which (in my browser at least) causes a lot of the subsequent text (up to the…

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The new Flickr Mobile site is up, joining the recently-launched Notice a trend in mobile URL design here? Expect to see more of this from Yahoo! and other places. The interesting thing about these URLs is that they don’t end in .mobi. There are technical advantages (cookies) to staying with an established domain name….

Yahoo! Answers Mobile

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Just ran into this. Nice! Mobile mashups are getting some serious momentum. To elaborate on my previous comments a bit, the concept of what people find usable differs between sitting at a desktop and sitting/standing/running/driving with mobile in hand. Desktop sites aren’t optimized for these kinds of use patterns. Ergo, fertile ground for lots of…

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