Feed readers get namespaces wrong


Big surprise, huh? More evidence that the XML namspaces spec is out of touch with the reality of developers ‘on the street’, a.k.a. it has cracks in the foundation.

I disagree that aggregator developers are “bozonic”, as the title of the first cited article indicates. Why should any developer need to keep all that extra complexity bouncing around in their head? Optimize for people first, machines second. -m

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One Reply to “Feed readers get namespaces wrong”

  1. Surely a little bit of an disturbing thing, but like you said, as long as it’s ‘ok’ for the human readers, I suppose everything should be fine. I’m personally more waiting for good support of duplicate feed entries; when I read the RSS feed of websites in Thunderbird I usually see a lot of dupes due to minor changes in the content or so, pretty disturbing on sites such as Digg or Gizmodo.

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