Does XPath 2.0 exist outside of Java?


So, about a year ago, I wanted to use XPath 2.0 on a project. Turns out no non-toy, non-alpha versions existed except in Java land (where Saxon is quite good). Has the situation changed at all? Anything on the horizon? Libxml2? Anybody?? -m

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4 Replies to “Does XPath 2.0 exist outside of Java?”

  1. Saxon.NET? Never heard of it ;)

    Oh wait… Yes I have… That’s that one project I worked on for two years before handing it back over to Dr. Kay/Saxonica.

    Hey Micah > Wanna see a neat trick,

    [root@localhost Web]# ipy
    IronPython 1.1a1 (1.1) on .NET 2.0.50727.42
    Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
    >>> import Saxon.Api
    >>> dir(Saxon.Api)
    [‘DocumentBuilder’, ‘DomDestination’, ‘DynamicError’, ‘IQueryResolver’, ‘Processor’, ‘QName’, ‘Sche
    maManager’, ‘SchemaResolver’, ‘SchemaValidationMode’, ‘SchemaValidator’, ‘SequenceEnumerator’, ‘Ser
    ializer’, ‘StaticError’, ‘TextWriterDestination’, ‘WhitespacePolicy’, ‘XPathCompiler’, ‘XPathExecut
    able’, ‘XPathSelector’, ‘XQueryCompiler’, ‘XQueryEvaluator’, ‘XQueryExecutable’, ‘XdmAtomicValue’,
    ‘XdmAxis’, ‘XdmDestination’, ‘XdmEmptySequence’, ‘XdmItem’, ‘XdmNode’, ‘XdmValue’, ‘XmlDestination’
    , ‘XsltCompiler’, ‘XsltExecutable’, ‘XsltTransformer’, ‘__builtins__’, ‘__dict__’, ‘__name__’]

    Python + XSLT 2.0/XPath 2.0/XQuery + .NET 2.0 == Yummy! :D

    (and yes… it all runs on Mac :D)

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