Micah Joel Dubinko

Who is this guy? Father, author, geek, former-Yahoo, socially anxious man of the people. @mdubinko. Email is my first name @ this domain. Callsign AJ6BD.

Current Projects: besides the blog and vlog and day job, brewing, electronics and ham radio, and writing.

Past Projects: author O’Reilly XForms Essentials, contributor and tech reviewer for many books, including XML Hacks, XSLT Cookbook (1st ed), Content Syndication with RSS (1st ed), Ajax Hacks, Web 2.0, the book, and Website Optimization. Minor Firefox contributor. Minor HTML5 contributor. Then there’s ancient stuff like XForms Institute, the XML Annoyances column, and open source projects xfv, pyxmlwiki, and webpath, as well as being the 2-time judge for the First Chapter of a Novel competition.

Two-line CV: C++, Python, mobile, search, big data, and architecture. Balance engineering & design. Leveling up individuals, teams, and communities.

Erdos Number: 3. Paul Erdös -> KOHAYAKAWA, YOSHIHARU -> Prabhakar Raghavan -> me.

Famous People I’ve been said to resemble: Stephen King, Garrison Keillor, Rod Blagojevich, Tobey Maguire, Professor Plum from the 2008 reboot of the Hasbro game Clue, and Lucien Bonaparte (according to Google Arts & Culture).

Terms of use: For external use only. Some rights reserved (by-nc-sa 3.0). Contents 100% not speaking for any employer. Political stance: strictly neutral. For mentioned products that I recommend, I might include Amazon Associate links.

Blog comment policy: Any comment that does not clearly add to the discussion, is offensive, abusive, or of questionable intent will be deleted. Or to put it another way, if I can’t tell whether or not to keep a comment after 5 seconds, consider it gone. Comments fall under the same license as the page on which they appear. Happy writing!

Pronoun policy: I place no requirements (other than good faith) on pronouns used in reference to me. But if you’re looking for something more specific, I have always been referred to as “he” and “him”.

I pledge never to intentionally hurt anyone with pronouns or proper names, but (particularly in social situations) I make no promises about getting yours right.

Likeness Policy: Ask before tagging me on Facebook or other platforms that use and store facial recognition data. Absent written permission, I do not consent to storing or using my remote biometric data.

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