Freudian ill-formedness?


In case you didn’t notice, a new XML Annoyances is out. From the first comment there:

markup typo
2007-01-11 18:58:33 Michael Dyck [Reply]

In the link following “same unofficial naming scheme as”, the attribute is missing its closing quote-mark, which (in my browser at least) causes a lot of the subsequent text (up to the next quote-mark) to be slurped in as the attribute value, effectively hiding it.
(Indeed, “well-formedness on the Web is dead”.)

This might be fixed by the time you read this, but indeed an interesting typo.

Update: I checked my original submitted article, and indeed there error isn’t there–it found its way in during the production process. But the interesting fact remains that it could happen in the first place 1) without causing any major problems, and 2) causing varied minor problems depending on the browser. -m

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