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Xanadu in 2019

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If you haven’t been following Ted Nelson on YouTube, you’re missing out. Recently, he’s been posting a series of informational videos on the Xanadu architecture and concepts. Even more recently, he hosted a live Q&A session, taking questions from Twitter. Ted Nelson’s Channel What’s Xanadu, you ask? It’s the original concept for a hypertext system,…

Is XForms really MVC?

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This epic posting on MVC helped me better understand the pattern, and all the variants that have flowed outward from the original design. One interesting observation is that the earlier designs used Views primarily as output-only, and Controllers primarily as input-only, and as a consequence the Controller was the one true path for getting data…

Hard drive failing

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My personal machine is ailing. It freezes up for 30 seconds at a time–even iTunes stops playing. FireFox crashes before it’s done launching. I’m scared to reboot for fear the machine won’t come back up.  SMARTReporter lists an operating age of 15k hours, a suspicious Power-Off_Retract_Count of over 25 billion–whatever this represents, it’s happened an…

The Swinger

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I’m enjoying the results of this Python project from Music Hack Day way too much. It analyzes an audio clip to detect the beats, then uses time stretching and compression techniques (that don’t alter the pitch) to rearrange each measure into a “swung” groove. Fantastic. I wish they’d take more requests! -m Try this one…

Martin Gardner will be missed

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I first ran in to Martin‘s work in back-issues of Scientific American. He stopped writing his Mathematical Games column in 1981, but my mentor Virgil Matheson had all the older issues and had a free hand in lending them out, albeit one-at-a-time. From my mentor, I also got the best math book I’ve ever read,…

Bananas Foster in a glass

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The 60th anniversary of the creation of Bananas Foster is around the corner, and the project I started this weekend should be ready just in time. I’m keeping the recipe under wraps for now, but it involves ripe bananas, a particularly buttery variety of honey, brown sugar, homemade caramel, vanilla, and cinnamon. This should turn…

Failure as the secret to success

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Excellent article in Wired, perhaps a good explanation of my career. :-) Dunbar observed that the skeptical (and sometimes heated) questions asked during a group session frequently triggered breakthroughs, as the scientists were forced to reconsider data they’d previously ignored. Which sounds like a fairly typical spec review at Mark Logic. Hint: we’re hiring–email me….

Taste Your Beer

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I just ordered a beer appreciation kit from I’m all for less swilling, more appreciating. This one includes little vials of 13 different kinds of hops to compare. Train your palate, but be warned: once you start down this road, forever will it dominate your soul. You’ll be picking out different flavors in everything…

MarkLogic and XSLT

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MarkLogic fans should check out Norm Walsh’s posting about his talk at the NY User Group. If you follow the right Twitter feeds, this is probably not too much of a surprise, but now the cat is officially disjoint with the volume inside the bag. Disclaimer: be sure to read the disclaimer there. -m

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