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XML 2008 liveblog: Accelerated DITA Publishing

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Roy Amodeo, Stilo. Only 4 people in attendance when the talk starts. Quick overview of DITA. Transclusion (conref), topic-level maps, specialization, metadata-based filtering. XML and SGML flavors available. Open Toolkit has been a big part of DITA’s success. Replacable components (XSLT and FO). Many editing environments and CMS’s include this. Topic-based publishing. Works best with…

XML 2008 liveblog: Content Modeling with XSD Schema

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Delivered by Pradeep Jain, Ictect Inc. He has a handout available: “Intelligent Content Plug-In for Microsoft Word”, though it’s not obvious from the program that Word is involved. What is content modeling? “Getting inside of” content, semantics, from there syntax and XML tagging. Challenges: art vs. science, tacit vs. written documentation, future-proofing, technical vs. business…

Should documents self-version?

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This blog page at the W3C discusses the TAG finding that a data format specification SHOULD provide for version information, specifically reconsidering that suggestion. As a few data points, XML 1.1 (with explicit version identifiers) is something of a non-starter, while Atom (without explicit version identifiers) is doing OK so far–though a significant revision to…

XML spell check

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Surely somebody has implemented this in at least one tool. In a text editor, I come across a misspelled close tag like </xsl:stylsheet>. My editor highlights the line as an error, which is is, not matching the start tag and all. Why can’t it go the extra step and give me the same kind of…

XForms evening at XML 2007

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Depending on who’s asking and who’s answering, W3C technologies take 5 to 10 years to get a strong foothold. Well, we’re now in the home stretch for the 5th anniversary of XForms Essentials, which was published in 2003. In past conferences, XForms coverage has been maybe a low-key tutorial, a few day sessions, and hallway…

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