Overheard and overseen


Overheard at XML 2008: “Wow, it’s a good thing Mark Logic sponosred, otherwise nobody would be here.” (there were only five tables in the expo area.)

Overseen on the XML 2008 schedule: only one mention of XQuery, and that’s in relation to eXist, not the aforementioned sponsor.

This conference does have a different feel to it. Is XML at the ASCII-tipping-point, where it becomes so obvious that conferences aren’t needed? -m

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One Reply to “Overheard and overseen”

  1. Micha you have several problems with the XML 2008. First the economoy sucks. Second, it’s December and training budgets have already been used. Third, you are correct XML is pretty well established. The conferences are needed it just needs to be more focused on particular things. One can’t have a two or three XML conferences any more, they need to be combined.

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