XML 2008 liveblog: Content Modeling with XSD Schema


Delivered by Pradeep Jain, Ictect Inc. He has a handout available: “Intelligent Content Plug-In for Microsoft Word”, though it’s not obvious from the program that Word is involved.

What is content modeling? “Getting inside of” content, semantics, from there syntax and XML tagging.

Challenges: art vs. science, tacit vs. written documentation, future-proofing, technical vs. business communication, flexibility vs. stability. Getting knowledge workers to participate. Correctness (an emphasis of Ictect).

What is correctness of a model? More than valid XML. Litmus test: SME says “yep, I think you got it!”. But some machine-generated tests are possible.

Shows a Word doc with different kinds of bibliographic references (articles vs. books). Shows Schema code not visible from the back of the room. Word plug-in displays sidebar with a “convert” function, with several possible Schemas available to work against. Automatically detected sections in the document and added <section> elements. Progressively more complex examples of generated markup.

It seems like this is actually a pretty clever application, though it is hard to tell from this talk. -m

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