4 Replies to “iPhone battery life after carrier update”

  1. Hello, no I have not noticed this with any updates from apple or the carrier. iPhone battery life is an exact science by adjust the draw and load on the battery. Here are a few suggestions. Reduce Push frequency of email or turn off that feature. Turn off Wi-fi and the 3G radio when not needed. Reduce the brightness of the screen. I was able to increase my battery life to 5hr usage and 1 day 13hr standby by tweaking these setting on a new battery. Also, condition any new batteries by providing a full charge and discharge 3-4 times. iPhone teardown and battery installation can be found at .

  2. Yes! Since that update, I’ll go from full charge to half in a couple of hours, if I’m lucky. “Significant decline” is an understatement!

  3. Yes, I faced the same.
    Called Customer support and they suggested me to do a hard reboot on the phone(Top button + Home).
    They asked me to see if that changes anything , else they would give me an appointment to an Apple store for diagnosis and a replacement if required.

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