Items appearing in an Amazon search for Bench Grinder


Shall we speak for a moment about Amazon’s epic metadata problem?

On, search for “Bench Grinder”–a query with clear intent if there ever was one. Search by price low to high. Here are some items that appear in the results before a single piece of hardware you’d reasonably call a bench grinder…

  • Water & Wood 13mm Thickness Resin Polishing Grinding Pad Wheel for Concrete Marble
  • 1/4″ HSS cutting tool blank
  • MAXGOODS 2PCS Fix It Pro Clear Car Coat Scratch Cover Remove Repair Painting Pen Clear Coat Applicator,with 10…
  • 4 Parts Chromium Crusher Herb Grinder (35mm)
  • Vitrex Sanding & Loft Insulation Standard Moulded Mask FFP1
  • Black & Decker 284422-00 Restl.H.Tool
  • Razor Sharp Edgemaking Rouge
  • ZFE® 1/4″,3/8″,1/2″,5/8″ Shank Roundwood Tenon Drill Steel for Bench/pist Drill
  • Integrated Flex Splash Block – 1 Each
  • Bees Wax for Lubricating & Cooling Gritted Paper Wheel – Pro Sharpening Supplies
  • Ryobi BGH616 Bench Grinder (2 Pack) Replacement Switch # 602101-2pk
  • THANYA Salt Spice Pepper Mills Grinder Black Electric
  • BORA 560019 Marking Gauge; Beechwood
  • Mini Hand Drill
  • NOVA 47000 Comet II Versaturn Coupler Lathe Accessory

At this point, on page 20 of the results, I still have not encountered a single bench grinder.

Cory Doctorow’s Metacrap is more relevant than ever. C’mon Amazon, get your act together. You’re more search engine than anything now. You can do better.

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