Yahoo! introduces mobile XForms


Admittedly, their marketing folks wouldn’t describe it that way, but essentially that’s what was announced today. (documentation in PDF format, closely related to what-used-to-be Konfabulator tech; here’s the interesting part in HTML) The press release talks about reaching “billions” of mobile consumers; even if you don’t put too much emphasis on press releases (you shouldn’t) it’s still talking about serious use of and commitment to XForms technology.

Shameless plug: Isn’t it time to refresh your memory, or even find out for the first time about XForms? There is this excellent book available in printed format from Amazon, as well as online for free under an open content license. If you guys express enough interest, good things might even happen, like a refresh to the content. Let’s make it happen.

From a consumer standpoint, this feels like a welcome play against Android, too. Yahoo! looks like it’s placing a bet on working with more devices while making development easier at the same time. I’ll bet an Android port will be available, at least in beta, before the end of the year.

Disclaimer: I have been out of Yahoo! mobile for several months now, and can’t claim any credit for or inside knowledge of these developments. -m

P. S. Don’t forget the book.

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5 Replies to “Yahoo! introduces mobile XForms”

  1. Since this implementation is based on Xforms it would be nice if they had made a document somewhere where one can quickly see the syntactical and semantic differences. The documentation from my initial look over doesn’t show it.

  2. Hi Micah,

    I had a quick look at their website and developers’ guide and I wonder to which extent this can be considered an XForms implementation :-( …

    In the roadmap they mention that “much of Blueprint’s philosophy and syntax comes from XForms” and the developpers’ guide shows that if they do borrow XForms element, these elements have been “cameleoned” in a non XForms namespace and are mixed with non XForms, non XHTML elements.

    Have I missed something (I hope so!)?


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