I hardly knew ya


The big buzz today is news that Terry Semel has stepped down as CEO of Yahoo, and Jerry Yang has stepped up. Believe it or not, Y is the first place I’ve worked at that’s large enough that I’m not on a first name basis with the CEO, so this kind of thing is much less personal. I can’t remember even shaking his hand.

In reflection, Terry’s management style seems to be based largely on the Dale Carnegie How-to-win-friends-and-influence-people style that’s been influential in my life and career. I have more respect for him than for most of the armchair CEO’s out there. I never understood some of the venom hurled at Semel, but then again I’m happy to see the change–I think Yahoo needs a little less Hollywood right now.
In short, there’s lots of change happening at Yahoo, both at the management level and in my personal role to play. But each change so far has been good, and the changes are adding up to something even bigger. After some recent personal tough times, I’m glad I decided to stay with Yahoo. What’s even better, there will probably be no more Tom Cruise visits. :-) -m

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