My simple comment moderation policy


I don’t remember ever spelling this out, so:

  • Any posting that adds to the discussion shall be accepted
  • Any posting by a spammer/robot/pay-per-post flunkie shall be rejected
  • Any posting that would offend my grandma shall be rejected
  • Any posting that takes too long for me to categorize per above MAY be rejected

These aren’t hard-and-fast rules. It’s getting increasingly difficult to discern postings that come from actual personalities. As a general rule, you should include a link back to your personal site, which should present itself in a way that makes it obvious that it’s not put together by some toxic SEO-gaming, advert-farming, internet-poisoning aggregation program.

But that’s just good advice no matter which blogs you comment on. -m

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2 Replies to “My simple comment moderation policy”

  1. Hi i only wanted to say that Your comment moderation policy it’s one of the best that I found reading blogs in last year. Keep up the good work. Greetings from Poland

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