James Clark blog: do you read the web or feed version?


James Clark is blogging. A few zillion people have already mentioned this.

A slightly tangent observation: I had trouble reading through an entire article in web form, but had no problems returning later to the atom feed. At first I chalked it up to early morning grogginess, but it seems to be a repeatable phenomenon at all hours, at least for me.

So a double thanks to James for publishing a full feed.

How about you: do you have an easier time reading long form articles in a feed reader vs. a browser?  Do you prefer feed reader vs. browser for this blog? Comment below. -m

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4 Replies to “James Clark blog: do you read the web or feed version?”

  1. I prefer feed reader (Thunderbird) because I don’t have to open all the planets in browser, the message is not cluttered with blog design (I doubt one can find two blogs that look the same). It’s less time consuming and easier to keep track of new posts.

  2. I read all my blogs via Google Reader. I figure, why should Muhammad go to the mountain, when the mountain can come to Muhammad?

  3. Since using Google Reader, I rarely visit actual sites anymore. It is a little sad because it feels like I am downloading one song instead of buy an album as a whole…

  4. I tend to read everything in Bloglines. If the complete feed isn’t present, and the post is intriguing, then I’ll click through to the actual blog.

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