Personal Everest vs. Finishing What You Start vs. The Infinitely Growing Backlog


Last week I did something pretty foolish: I placed an order with Amazon. A few days later six new books arrived–two on math, two on brewing, Dreaming in Code, and one on guitar playing. All of these went directly to my toread list, a huge library of books that probably wouldn’t remain standing if I put them in one pile.

If you look at the sidebar on my site, you can see my “What I’m Reading” list. It hasn’t been updated in a while,  but sadly it’s mostly accurate. And not because I’ve stopped reading–I still read small amounts every day. It’s just that I haven’t been finishing many.

The author of the music book likes to use the phrase “Personal Everest” to refer to a goal set too high. But this isn’t an Everest situation. More like a personal peanut butter manefesto. -m

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