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I have a question for the mobile geniuses out there. What’s the difference (if any) between inputmode=”latin digits” and inputmode=”user digits”?

Will browsers treat these differently? How so? Which ones? Answer in the comment section below.
Thanks! -m

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4 Replies to “inputmode mobile question”

  1. Latin digits? I thought modern digits were referred to as “arabic” or “arabic/indic”…

    Anyway, Japanese (for one) has native characters for digits, but I can’t think of a case where anybody would want to use them for input.

    I guess having alternate digits for inputmode would almost imply a device that has a keypad that has alternate digits on it (since there’s not so much point in inputmode on devices that have full keyboards (or software keyboards), only on devices that have limited key input — keypads, basically). I’ve never seen a keypad that had numbers other than 0-9 on it…

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