What phone should I get?


I need to get a new phone, probably still on Cingular. What should I get?

The following features are important to me:

  • Good web browser
  • Preferred querty keypad
  • Not running Windows
  • Able to make and receive voice calls

What’s my best bet? -m

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7 Replies to “What phone should I get?”

  1. I’ve had a Sidekick for a couple of years, very happy with it. They just released the sidekick 3 which is smaller and better, and includes a music player. It doesn’t run windows, has the most usable qwerty keyboard on a phone, and has nice browsing and IM. I’d recommend you take a look at it Only thru T-Mobile though, cingular doesn’t carry it.

  2. My new Nokia E61 is very cool, highly recommended. Good keyboard (for 2-thumb typing), great screen, and pretty light and thin for what it is. Also connects to wireless LANs (great for limiting those 3G data charges). It ieven has a built-in VOIP client (although I haven’t been able to get good quality results out of it yet).
    What is apity it isn’t supported yet by Yahoo! Go (hint, hint).
    Cheers, Tony.

  3. I am starting to feel left out as I do not know anyone else who has a cellphone (really old one at that) and does not use it.

    Anyone here not have a cellphone?

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