Spam update


I dug into my mail configuration a bit more and made a few changes. In the past, I had been lazy, so when I needed new email addresses like webmaster at and contact at, I just set up a catch-all. I knew catch-alls would collect lots of spam, but I didn’t know (until now) that the particular skew of the spam would be such that tends to get around the filters.
So all the catch-alls are turned off. I set up explicit forwards for used email addresses, and I think I got them all, but if you get a bounce from any email address on any of my sites, let me know. After another 24 hours, I had:

  • 38 spam incorrectly delivered to inbox (manually marked as spam)
  • 120 messages automatically delivered to spam folder
  • 1 of the above incorrectly (manually marked as not-spam)

A significant improvement. I wonder if it’s worth resetting the training data from scratch at this point? -m

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