Anyone know why Thunderbird Spam filtering is working poorly?


Yes, I’ve been painstakingly training positive and negative cases for weeks. This is a standard TBird setup on imap with the adaptive filter enabled. Here’s the results from a 24 hour experiment:

  • 96 spam incorrectly delivered to inbox (manually marked as spam)
  • 257 messages automatically delivered to spam folder
  • 3 of the above incorrectly (manually marked as not-spam)

Is this typical performance, or has something gone bad? Sifting through ~100 spammy messages a day is bad; losing 3 important things a day is worse. -m

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One Reply to “Anyone know why Thunderbird Spam filtering is working poorly?”

  1. As for the false negatives, spammers are getting much more clever. They’re using tricks based on MIME multi-part that are very hard to defeat without a high number of false positives. As for the false positives, I don’t think 3 out of almost 400 is bad at all. I think it’s typical, and it’s the price you pay for the fact that spam-filtering is an inexact science. Sometimes I get more false positives, sometims less. Not much to be done about that.

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