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  1. Ghchinoy, like that (or XWing), but based on the XForms XML standard. We’d like to lay out forms for displaying/configuring some data in an embedded server, then render as HTML/CSS/JS from from a servlet (when someone points their browser at the server) or as a Swing panel (when someone points a thick management app at the server). It looks like the former could be handled via Chiba or OIS, but rendering them on the Swing side…

  2. Actaully we have done something close to that. We rendered an X-Smiled (http://www.x-smiles.org/) object and put it inside a JFrame. It works well except for a few quirks such as displaying blank instances and the fact that we can’t figure out how to load an XForm in memory. We actaully have to save the instance to disk and then load it from disk. Not very efficient but it works for now. This is all for a project with an open source Jabber client I am doing for work, will be presented a JEP proposal later this year.

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