One Reply to “Conversations with people you don’t know”

  1. I completely agree with you and I’ve often thought about the way technology changes our lives. I believe with mobile phones and emailing, we are more likely to keep in contact with people we otherwise wouldn’t .

    In the old days when you left a workplace for a new job, you’d always say “oh yeah, we’ll keep in touch” – but never did. I guess it was partly down to some sort of ‘nervous’ hesitation.

    But with email and texting you are more likely to send a quick message just to say “Hi”.

    I guess Blogs and Forums trump them both – in that – you feel free to express an opinion to someone you’ve never met and know very little about. I write on a few share-dealing boards and I’ve built up a strong relationship with people whose age or occupations I don’t even know.

    I guess this post is a fine example

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