Would you run a web server on your phone?


Nokia has announced a port of Apache to Symbian, allowing a full web server to run on a phone, with the quote “there really is no reason anymore why webservers could not reside on mobile phones”. Well, there’s battery life…

Anyway, would you want to run a server on your phone? What would you use it for? Peer-to-peering ringtones? A true “local” area network? Let me know what you think about this prospect. Would you run a web server from your phone? -m

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3 Replies to “Would you run a web server on your phone?”

  1. Yes, phones are devices, devices have home pages.

    The ubicomp people did work on this back in ’99, 2000, with something turning HTTP requests into SMS calls, with the public permanently available server being the real front end. The phone would send back some state information (cell ID, phone ring profile (outside, meeting, &c). you could also have different responses for known vs unknown callers.

    Now that 3G makes all phones an IPv6 node, then you can put a real web server in there.

    To put it differently: if your laptop had an address that remained constant while the box roamed, would you put a public http server up on it?

  2. Would it be possible to have the webserver use no power as long as there are no requests?

    Also this is useless without some sort of DNS system that converts phone numbers to ip numbers.

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