Is there an information architect in the house?


I need to remodel my blog. Pretty easy, if you want to blow away all your previous content and start fresh. A bit trickier if you want to preserve all your old content and the URLs at which each page resides.

Aside: for some reason, every single change to my blog (including first starting out) has happened in May. Kind of weird:

  • May 2002 – begin (Blogger)
  • May 2004 – I wanted centralized control of my own data, so switched to a home-grown system
  • May 2005 – I switched to the awesome PyBloxsom, which had much better developer support
  • May 2006 – I switched to WordPress, for reasons outlined here.

Each of these had a slightly different way of laying out the URL space, which I’ve preserved. Why go to the trouble? The main limit with my particular PyBlosxom setup was that my “golden” copies of postings were synced between my ISP and home laptop. In short, it was very inconvenient to post from anywhere but @ home. I want to be able to post more, including from work and on the road, and WordPress fits the bill nicely. Since I’m not consulting anymore, all the fiddly bits in PyBlosxom aren’t as appealing anymore.

Also, it’s a good opportunity to rework the comments policy, and hopefully get some good discussions going here.

With some apache mod_rewrite magic, I’m nearly done. Any comments on the new setup can go, well, right below here. Thanks! -m

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