iPods in Scotland


Limited and insecure network connections have kept me from writing more, but man are there a lot of iPods in Scotland. They’re everywhere. Finding a power adapter for a PowerBook, on the other hand, is nearly impossible. -m

Update: See the comments here to view (or add) your travel tips.

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2 Replies to “iPods in Scotland”

  1. “If it’s not an iPod, it’s crap!” :-)

    We bought our iPod video specifically for our trip to Scotland. I wanted a place to transfer photos without having to lug a laptop around with me!

    Please post your tips about travelling in Scotland. My wife and I are going in August…

  2. Travel tips: Bring an umbrella. :-)

    I got one of those neck pillows that looks like a fat horseshoe–highly recommended.

    According to one native I spoke with, you’ll have trouble at customs leaving the country if their scan doesn’t show both whisky and haggis in your system. :-)

    The Old Waverly hotel is a decent, affordable place to stay. It’s right on Princes street, across from the Scott monument and Waverly bridge where all the busses stop.

    Based on my query on Y! Answers, you might be able to find free wi-fi here: http://www.edinburghholidayaccomodation.com/Edinburgh_wi-fi_hotspot.htm

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