InfoPath going mobile?


Seen on Bill Trippe’s blog.

Gray Knowlton, who indentified himself as a Senior Product Manager for InfoPath 2007 said the next version of SharePoint will “include InfoPath Forms Services, which will render InfoPath forms to browsers and html-enabled mobile devices, and this will not require InfoPath on the form fillers’ desktop, nor will it require any advance download on the part of the person completing the form.”

This is, as far as I know, breaking news. Nice work, Bill!

Now, the big question is, how well will it work outside of IE? -m

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One Reply to “InfoPath going mobile?”

  1. Hi,

    Well, let me first say it’s not mobile-IE specific. I look forward to seeing feedback on the mobile feature when Beta2 is out and further along with the RTM release. I think if you look at Tudor Toma’s MSDN blog you’ll see a screenshot of the mobile feature.

    Given the limitations of HTML on a mobile device, you should design your form with mobile in mind if you want an excellent mobile experience.

    == Eric

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