Five years at MarkLogic


This past weekend marked my five-year anniversary at MarkLogic. It’s been a fun ride, and I’m proud of how much I’ve accomplished.

It was the technology that originally caught my interest: I saw the MarkMail demo at an XML conference, and one thing led to another. The company was looking to expand the product beyond the core database–they had plans for something called a “utility layer” though in reality it wasn’t really a utility nor a separate layer. It started with Search API, though the very first piece of code I wrote was an RDFa parser.

But what’s really held my interest for these years is a truly unmatched set of peers. This place is brimming with brilliant minds, and that keeps me smiling every day on my way in to work.

Which leads my thoughts back to semantics again. This push in a new direction has a lot of echoes with the events that originally brought me on board. This is going to be huge, and will move the company in a new direction. Stay tuned. -m

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