5 things to know about MarkLogic 5


MarkLogic 5 is out today. Here’s five things beyond the official announcement that developers should know about it:

  1. If you found the CQ sample useful, you’ll love Query Console, which does everything CQ does and more (syntax highlighting!)
  2. Better Search API support for metadata: MarkLogic has always had support for storing metadata separately from documents. With new Search API support, it’s easy to set up, and it works great with databases of binary documents.
  3. The Hadoop connector, while not officially supported in this configuration, works on Mac. I know a lot of developers use Mac hardware. Once you get Hadoop itself set up (following rules like these), everything works great in my experience.
  4. “Fields” have gotten more general and more powerful. If you haven’t set aside named portions of your documents or metadata for special indexing and access, you should look in to this feature–it will rock your world.
  5. To better understand what your system is doing at any point in time, you can now use the built-in Monitoring Dashboard, which runs in-browser.
And let’s not leave out the Express license, which makes it easier to get started. Check it out.

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