Geek Thoughts: Pez, the movie (updated)


Since all these childhood media properties (just recently Transformers, G.I. Joe, Land of the Lost) are getting the movie treatment, why not a few more?

Pez, the movie (directed by Michael Bay)

A band of interdimensional travelers with rectangular bodies and grotesquely large heads arrive on earth to plant monitoring probes, with sprout out of their necks. Unfortunately for them, the probes turn out to be made of nearly pure sucrose. Will the children of Earth be able to stop the invasion in time, while dodging whole-screen explosions every 15 seconds?

Lego my Eggo (directed by George Lucas)

A rare double tie-in flick. The special edition will be out a few years later. Jar Jar guest-stars.

Pop Rocks (starring The Rock)

A thoughtful commentary on the futility of life, the meaninglessness of existence, and exploding candy.

The Night of the EZ Bake Oven (directed by George Romero)

Scores of digits horribly burned. Rated PG-13.

When Lawn Darts Attack (based on a true story)

Errol Morris and Ralph Nader join forces at last.

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