Crane Softwrights adds XQuery training


From the company home page, reknown XSLT trainer and friend G. Ken Holman has expanded his offerings to include XQuery training. The first such session is March 16-20, alongside XML Prague.

I’ve always thought there is great power in having both XSLT and XQuery tools at one’s disposal. I’ve seen people tend to polarize into one camp or the other, but in truth there is a lot of common ground, as well as cases where the right technology makes for a much more elegant solution. So learning both is easier than it seems, and more useful than it seems.

If you will be around the conference, take a look at the syllabus. I’m curious to see others’ reactions toward the combined XSLT + XQuery toolset. -m

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One Reply to “Crane Softwrights adds XQuery training”

  1. Couldn’t agree more. If you’re using an XML database, then you’re going to want to use XQuery to get stuff out and neaten it up. Then, unless you’re out of your mind, you’re going to want to use XSLT to transform the documents into something readable like XHTML or PDF. That might include doing some of the things that XSLT is better at like grouping, text processing and, of course, recursive descent.

    Moving between them isn’t all that hard: they have the same data model, same function library, and same expression syntax. You have to get your head around the higher level syntax differences, but it’s mostly OK.

    What surprises me more is that there are XML database vendors out there who basically have all the building blocks for XSLT processing (as they have implemented XQuery) and yet don’t support XSLT. So their customers either have to use XQuery in situations that it really isn’t suited for, or suffer the performance penalty of using middleware to do the transformation step.

    Hang on a minute, don’t you work for one of them? ;)

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