Bronze Medal at California State Homebrew Competition


I won a bronze medal (white ribbon actually) in the Mixed Styles category for my Dusseldorf Altbier, the first non-mead-related beverage I’ve ever entered. It’s a deep copper-colored ale made with a special Alt yeast and with a strong balance of clean malt and hops. There are very few bottles of it left at this point.

The competition itself was a blast–I got to spend the day judging barleywines, including a spectacular one that went on to win the category. Official results should be posted soon. -m

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One Reply to “Bronze Medal at California State Homebrew Competition”

  1. Micah,

    Yes, Bronze Medal sounds so much nicer, right? I’d enjoy tasting that Düsseldorf Alt!

    So congrats on the win! If not for the fact that NO mead category existed @ Stern Grove, I’m sure you would have had more ribbons. Good seeing you there, it was great judging – how was the rest of the fest?
    2 Questions:
    1) did you hear my name in any of the award announcements? :-]
    2) did you win any prizes with the raffle tix?? hope so.

    Best of luck with your mead class next Saturday — I’ll let people in our club know about it at our meeting on Thursday. Have a good one.


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