Running jEdit on Mac Java 1.6


I haven’t seen this anywhere else: jEdit doesn’t start up under the recent Mac Java 1.6. It bounces in the dock a few times then goes away.

The solution: manually run the main jar with java -jar path-to/jedit.jar, which will work. Go to the plugin manager and delete the MacOSX plugin. Java integration is good enough in 1.6 that this really isn’t needed anyway. Quit jEdit and now it will start up fine the usual way. -m

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6 Replies to “Running jEdit on Mac Java 1.6”

  1. You’re a life safer! I haven’t had the time to track down the reason jEdit wouldn’t start up after the latest Java update, but it was really becoming a source of pain. Thanks for alleviating the pain!

  2. Alas, while that helps somewhat, I still have the problem of it immediately quitting when I try to launch it. This happens whether I use my desktop shortcut, or click from the Applications folder. Also, when I run it via the command-line, while it does in fact run it doesn’t seem to “find” the proper icon to use, so my Dockbar shows the generic icon.

  3. Randy, Yep, this is normal behavior when running a java app from the command line. But at least it’s running. If you delete the MacOSX plugin via the Plugin Manager, thereafter it will be able to run from the Applications folder or a shortcut. -m

  4. That’s what I was saying: after following your suggestion, I got better start-up from the command-line (no plug-in problems anymore). But it still won’t launch from the Applications folder -or- from a Desktop shortcut. And before the Java 1.6 update from Apple, not only did it launch properly but the Dock icon was the jEdit icon (the orange “jE”). That, too, no longer works for me. I’ve even removed it and re-installed, with no luck!

  5. I have tried launching the jar but after a few minutes, things start going crazy in the UI – like if I go to my Files -> recent files, it lists 1.html, 2.html, 3html, 4.html, etc but when I start to move my mouse down to get to 3.html, all of a sudden 2.html changes to say 4.html, then I get to where 3 is but now it says 5.html. It’s like the UI is repainting incorrectly.

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