Representing structured data on a web page


OK, let me take a step back from specific technologies like RDFa, let’s go through a really simple example.

On a certain web page, I refer to a book. That book has a price of 21.86 US dollars. The page is intended as primarily human-readable, but I want to include machine-readable data too, for a global audience.
What would you do? What specific markup choices would you make? What specific markup would you use? -m

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  1. It depends a lot on how much machine-readable information you want to add, and how structured it is (as opposed to “flat”). Assuming that you don’t want humans to read the machine-readable data, you are probably stuck (in the normal HTML fashion) with putting your machine-readable data into attributes, or perhaps in elements in the head. You could use element content if it was in a block for which has the CSS property “display: none”, but that does assume a certain level of CSS compliance, and may not always be workable. Alternatively, if your data is very structured, it could be in a separate machine-readable document (RDF?) which is linked to from a element in the head.

    That’s what comes to mind, anyway.

    Cheers, Tony.

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