Reducing my online profile


Due to some unauthorized activities on my webspace, I’m trimming my online profile, notably the Brain Attic sites. These were my home base for consulting, which I haven’t been doing for 2+ years. Less surface area exposed means less exposure to the bad guys. This site, and XForms Institute are staying up for now, as should be the email address you are currently using. There will be a few broken links that will take some time to eradicate.

If you notice anything amiss, any unseemly references to ‘viagra’ in my pages etc., email me at “mdubinko” in the reversed “” domain. -m

Update: whoops, looks like I cut a little too deep. Turns out that all my mail was routing through one of the domains I chopped. For several hours overnight email sent to me was bouncing. If you ran into that, please re-sent. -m

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