HOWTO: find the VTA light rail schedule


There’s a tram that goes by Yahoo, very convenient. Here’s a simple, step-by-step guide to finding schedule information through the official website.

  • Navigate to
  • Click on “Schedules, Maps and Fares” in the left sidebar.
  • Click on “Route Schedules and Route Maps”.
  • Scan down to the bottom third of the page. Click “Light Rail Schedules”.
  • Click on “Mountain View to Winchester (902)” (You just have to know this, even if your journey takes you nowhere near either of those places).
  • Scroll below the fold. Try to figure out whether you need “Northbound” or “Southbound” service, even though it runs predominantly east-west in this neighborhood.
  • If you guessed wrong, click ‘back’ and try again.
  • Scroll down the huge table until you find the information you need.

See, it’s easy. Now, if you manage a web site, is yours this simple and usable? -m

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