What I did on winter break


For the last several years, I’ve taken some time off around the end of the year to work on a special project. In 2004 I ported some of Rick Jelliffe’s code from Java to Python. In 2005, I made an editing pass over a novel I wrote the previous November during NaNoWriMo. This year was a little different. I:

  • Worked. Enough stuff is going on with the day job that I couldn’t take a full week off.
  • Got sick.
  • Caught up on some homebrewing. Reorganized my brewery.
  • Wrote. More stuff coming soon on xml.com.
  • Pimped a babyswing. (photoset)
  • Started reviewing WWW2007 and XTech papers.
  • Started taking a video MIT class on differential equations. (If you have OS X 10.4+, fire up Grapher and try y’=cos xy, y(0)={-5,-4.5…5})


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