The True Impact of Google Spreadsheet


Lots and lots of blog traffic on Google Spreadsheet, but I haven’t seen anyone make a key point:

The underlying message is: full-blown applications in the browser are now real.

Many smaller players have been doing things like this for years, just as many smaller player were using Ajax before it had a catchy name. But as soon as it had a name and a big player (again, Google) behind it, it left the launch pad in spectacular fashion.

The era of Web Applications has begun. Don’t think that Microsoft Office should be afraid–it’s even bigger. -m

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2 Replies to “The True Impact of Google Spreadsheet”

  1. key point? Privacy, data ownership, Slavery 2.0? So yes very interesting, as to say “hoorah”, I’m a bit more worried. We are heading to a very worrysome era.

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