rel=’nofollow’ IS a failure


My earlier nofollow post is now officially the most-spammed blog posting I’ve ever written. All this despite a moderation system–the spammers are getting zero benefit from all this. Deterrent techniques are not working; there will always be some small percentage of “unprotected” sites that the bad guys are happy to exploit.

Adding insult, even after I moderate posts, the links still have nofollow applied (by default in WordPress). Later, I’m going to post some analysis on how and why nofollow fails. If you have any ideas, post them in comments below. -m

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2 Replies to “rel=’nofollow’ IS a failure”

  1. I never believed in rel=”nofollow”

    As you say, not only is it no deterrent, but it’s unfair to comments that are legit.

    IMO the best present solution to comment spam is better and better moderation tools. Copia withstands a tremendous barrage from spammers, and I’ve managed to keep it spam-free without wasting an unreasonable amount of my time.

  2. Well, we have been a lot to say this at the start when it has been launched. The irony of “nofollow” is that it has been created to fix an issue (link karma) which has been introduced by a product/brand in an ecosystem (web). The product/brand decided to not fix the engine and its associated link karma but to introduce a new semantics. How to fix a chair broken leg with a piece of duct tape. *sigh*

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