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My friend Kimbro Staken has mostly stopped blogging, instead relying on Several others on my RSS reader are trending similarly.

Until very recently, I was doing the same. For me, posting links is a way of keeping the ‘pilot light’ burning when I didn’t have enough time to do full postings–on, posting a link, writing a short description, and clicking in a few tags takes 30 seconds. One can do it without interrupting whatever task led you to an interesting URL. But only once in over six months was that enough to stir up some discussion.
And discussion is what I want to stir up again, hence more focus on the blog. Thoughts? -m

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One Reply to “ vs. blogging”

  1. One more reason why falls short of replacing a real blog is the limit on the length of the Notes field. With a 256 characters there is only so much you can say. For instance, this would not even be good enough for this comment!

    I understand that they have to put a limit somewhere, but come on, did they really have to make it 256 characters? So, keep on blogging Micah! :)


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