Anezka Dubinko

Born at 5:38pm on August 29th. 8 pounds, 8.3 ounces. (3864 g) 20 inches (51 cm). Mother and baby doing great. Photos. Name pronounced with a “sh”. The first birth announcement I know of done initially over an IM presence indicator. :)

7 Responses to “Anezka Dubinko”

  1. Anthony B. Coates

    Congratulations! Very best wishes to all of you. Cheers, Tony.

  2. Chimezie

    Congrats, Micah. I hope all is well with the wife. Some advice: stock up on diapers, time your sleep cycles with the baby, cherish every precious moment :)

  3. M. David Peterson

    Nice! Congratulations, Micah!

  4. Erik Bruchez

    Congratulations, Micah! -Erik

  5. Jim Minatel

    Congratulations indeed Micah! Thanks for sharing your joy with us!

  6. Mark Baker

    Congrats Micah!

  7. Alessandro Vernet

    She is so cute! Congratulations Micah, to you and your wife!