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If you’ve come here because of something you noticed in your HTTP access logs, read on. Who is doing this? This is a personal project of Micah Dubinko. It is completely separate from anything related to any employer. What is ASLbot? In the immediate future, ASLbot is no more than a personal research project. It…

Subversive Google?

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Google for RIAA, get this first result: RIAA – Recording Industry Association of America – April 12, 2009 Trade group that claims to represent the US recording industry. Details on services, members, executives profiles, statistics, and contact information. “Claims to” represent the US recording industry? The word “claims”, accurate as it may be, appears nowhere…

The deal that wouldn’t die

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Commentators, having long since run out of useful things to say about YHOO+MSFT, only bemoan how it continues to drag out. In reality, deals of this size do tend to take a while. Microsoft (and specifically Ballmer) aren’t walking. Why? Because they need Yahoo. They need search share–the deal with Google only puts on more…

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