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Geek Thoughts: qotd

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Superior leadership, make no bones about it, is pure selling…establishing the perception, the feeling, the picture, that your view is right, that you listen, hear, and understand, that you are worth listening to and following. A Passion for Excellence, pg 109. Written about 20 years before Twitter. More collected Geek Thoughts at http://geekthoughts.info.

Geek Thoughts: presidential RPG

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Debates are boring. Host your own through the magic of RPG. GURPS character sheets for the 2008 US Presidential candidates: Obama: ST:10 DX:11 IQ:14 HT:10 Advantages: Allies (Wright, Ayers) [0 point advantage], Charisma, High Fatigue Threshold, Unfazeable Disadvantages: Elite, Pacifism, Stuttering, Pronunciation of “Pakistan” [quirk], Skills: Administration:14, Computer Operation:12, Diplomacy:12, Enthrallment:11, Law:13, Politics:14, Public Speaking:15,…

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