Think Like Tesla


I’ve avoided publicizing this until there was significant content out there. Announcing a new YouTube channel: Think LIke Tesla.

This channel exists to celebrate a certain Serbian inventor/pop-culture figure and help YOU become a clearer thinker.

In time, it will include everyday descriptions of Nikola Tesla’s patents and experiments, as well as fundamental ideas that underlie all modern technology. All explained clearly, for a non-necessarily-technical audience.

Even if you’ve never worked with electronics–especially if you haven’t–this channel will inspire you to explore new avenues that many folks have written off as something that only a Tesla-sized brain can handle.

I’m proof that’s not true. If I can do it, so can you.

Please stop by and binge watch. In these early days, more subscribers will help, so point your friends this way too. Give a big thumbs-up to videos that you find helpful.

Thanks! -m

Any advice on how to improve the channel is welcome too.

Think LIke Tesla


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