WebPath wants to be free (BSD licensed, specifically)

WebPath, my experimental XPath 2.0 engine in Python is now an open source project with a liberal BSD license. I originally developed this during a Yahoo! Hack Day, and now I get to announce it during another Hack Day. Seems appropriate.

The focus of WebPath was rapid development and providing an experimental platform. There remains tons of potential work left to do on it…watch this space for continued discussion. I’d like to call out special thanks to the Yahoo! management for supporting me on this, and to Douglas Crockford for turning me on to Top Down Operator Precedence parsers. Have a look at the code. You might be pleasantly surprised at how small and simple a basic XPath 2 engine can be. So, who’s up for some XPath hacking?

Code download. (Coming to SourceForge with CVS, etc., in however many days it takes them to approve a new project) I hope this inspires more developers to work on similar projects, or better yet, on this one! -m

2 Responses to “WebPath wants to be free (BSD licensed, specifically)”

  1. M. David Peterson http://xmlhacker.com/

    “So, who’s up for some XPath hacking?”

    I’m down! What needs to be done?

  2. Keith Fahlgren http://kfahlgren.com/blog

    Ah, this is wonderful news after getting excited at XML Conf 2007. One request: Please use SVN on SourceForge instead of CVS.