At that moment, I knew my business was Machine Ready

I fell asleep one night while reading Ray Kurzweil, and had this crazy dream where the internet called me up (over VOIP, naturally) to complain that none of my web pages made sense. Par for the course, I thought at first. But then I told the internet a few things, to let me worry about my own domain of concern; he/she/it grappled with a response when a loud noise awoke me–my chirping alarm clock. I reached over to pound the Snooze button, but I stopped when my eyes focused on the display, which read in segmented LED letters: I rtFm. -m

One Response to “At that moment, I knew my business was Machine Ready”

  1. Erik Bruchez

    Micah, that sounds like the Singularity’s way of letting you know that you shouldn’t fall asleep while reading Kurzweil ;-) -Erik