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Micah Dubinko

Fri, 06 Jan 2006

Down with Emacs!

Activity on this blog has been a little slow, sorry. This should heat things up a bit...

In my new position, I find myself frequently needing to edit files residing on a remote system. When doing more than trivial edits, I often pine for an editor that offers some of the innovations in user interfaces that have taken place in the last twenty or so years--things like text selection with arrow keys, normal "cut" and "paste" functions, or use of the "PgUp" and "PgDn" keys.

Fortunately, jEdit comes through again. The FTP plugin includes full support for sftp, allowing browsing, opening, and editing of remote files securely.

Please insert flames below, in the browser-supplied minimal editing environment (which includes text selection with arrow keys, normal "cut" and "paste" functions, and use of the "PgUp" and "PgDn" keys). -m

posted at: 22:11 | under: 2006-01 | 3 comment(s)

Hi Micah,

No flames, but a more typical Emacs user response: put the following lines into your .emacs file and home, end, pgup, pgdown, and shift-cursor will act the way you want them to:

  (require 'pc-select)

It won't help your cut and paste problem though.  New Emacs users have to get used to Alt-w for cut and ^y for paste, and they're not literally called "cut" and "paste," so I suppose you could accuse Emacs, by not using the Microsoft-standardized keystrokes for these functions, of not being "normal." It's a pretty poor reason to miss out on nxml!

Posted by Bob DuCharme at Sat Jan 7 13:45:23 2006

I'm with you on jEdit over Emacs.  I used to be a heavy Emacs user back in my physics/LaTeX days.  However, I just find it too klunky, even though it is still very capable.  I think jEdit is a more thoroughly implementation of an extensible text editor.  That said, if you want to do symbolic algebra, Emacs still wins over jEdit (yes, I've really done that in Emacs).
Cheers, Tony.
Posted by Anthony B. Coates at Sun Jan 22 09:18:45 2006

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