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Micah Dubinko

Mon, 25 Jul 2005

Do I Yahoo? I sure do!

I have accepted a position with Yahoo! Research, beginning August 29. I will be relocating from Phoenix to the Bay Area. I'll be winding up my consulting business, and probably putting lots of my stuff up on Yahoo auctions soon. Stay tuned.

I visited the campus last week, and was truly impressed by all the smart people there and the great environment to work in.

What will I work on there? An excellent question. The short answer is that no public information is available to answer that question.

Will this blog continue? Definitely yes. Yahoo! supports blogging, even in situations where someone might say something critical of the company or it's parking lot. :)

Exciting times. More info coming soon.


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Congrats, Micah!
Posted by Mark Baker at Mon Jul 25 12:50:47 2005

I remember when I was tech dir of some big UK company in 1998 when Yahoo UK launched and Jerry Yang was there to kick things off...I think he decided to sit next to me because the room was full of marketeers with me having a half beard and at the end of a 3-4 'no sleep coding' run (ah the days of the bubble) probably wouldnt try to bother him.

We had a discussion on the state of coding in the industry, stuff like why sleeping is important for developers (I distinctly remember sleep becoming a priority for me in the new century!)...mostly incoherent ramblings whilst he tried to fend off the marketeers (I had to forcibly evict someone from my chair when I nipped off to the loo!) he wanted his ear.

I was quite impressed (after sleeping!) that here was a billionaire speaking quite comfortably about code and had his 'head screwed on properly' in the midst of a room of fawing sychophants. I am unsure as to how much of his 'thinking' distills down to the rest of the corporation....but even if its a fraction then you have made a good decision taking on the position.

good luck and dont forget to spend as much time in the nature
Posted by Jim Fuller at Thu Sep 1 03:20:22 2005

Nice job. I'm planning to come back here in the future. Naked truth: , 1 small clove garlic
Posted by Matthew Wilson at Sat Sep 24 18:05:12 2005

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