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Putting XForms to Work Micah Dubinko Editor, XForms 1.0 July 8, 2003

About Your Guide

Why Are You Here For?

Brief History of Web Interfaces

Limitations of HTML Forms

Scripting Closes Doors

Key Design Factors in XForms

XForms Architecture


Based on XPath 1.0

Can You Find the XPath Here?

Form Building Blocks

XForms Model

XForms Instance

XForms Constraints

More Examples

Slide 17

Data Submission

Processing Pipeline

User Interface

…on any Device


Advanced User Interface


XForms Actions

XForms Actions Replace Script

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XML Events

Unify Client and Server

Section 508 Accessibility

XForms Roadmap

Making the Transition

Help Make XForms Better!

Try Out XForms

For More Information…

Thank You!

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Author: Micah Dubinko



Further information:
O'Reilly XForms Essentials, coming August 2003