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Call a Spade a Spade

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A cautionary tale of language from Ted Nelson: We might call a common or garden spade– A personalized earth-moving equipment module A mineralogical mini-transport A personalized strategic tellurian command and control module An air-to-ground interface contour adjustment probe A leveraged tactile-feedback geomass delivery system A man-machine energy-to-structure converter A one-to-one individualized geophysical restructurizer A portable…

Two kinds of tension

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All writing depends on conflict (without which there is no story), but there’s more than one kind. The obvious kind is steadily building tension with unknown outcome. The battle between good and evil in most stories is like this, though admittedly the good guys usually win. More subtle is “dramatic irony” where the reader knows…

Who this blog is for

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I’m reading Web 2.0: A Strategy Guide. It’s a more business-ey kind of book than most Web 2.0 faire. So it jumped out at me the section “Who this book is for”. I hate these sections, even though they are quite common. Why would I need a book to tell me who it’s for? Isn’t…

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