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Meade Classe August 7

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Join me for another Meade Classe at the Los Altos MoreFlavor brew shop. Saturday, Aug. 7, 2010 2:00 – 4:00 pm MoreFlavor 991 N. San Antonio Road Los Altos, CA 94022 We will taste some meads, focusing on sensory evaluation, then walk through the steps of brewing up a batch. As usual, seating is limited,…

Mead Tasting

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A great mead tasting event at Rabbit’s Foot tonight. There are a few new commercial meads since my last visit, an excellent raspberry mead and a saison-style braggot. And lots of homebrew mead flowing freely as well. Say, if anyone in the South Bay is interested in a study group for Mead Judge Certification (likely…

Another Gold

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My traditional mead, the one that took years to make took the gold in the 24B (Traditional, semi-sweet) category at the mead-only Arizona Mead Cup. (results) This one goes back before the Great Hard Drive Crash, where (combined with a freak that-directory-didn’t-get-backed-up-bug) my early meadmaking records were lost. But there are a few hints left…

Mead Classe the thirde

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My next Meade Classe will be on Saturday, August 2nd, which happens to be Mead Day. Come learn…and taste. Full details: Mead brewing and appreciation class Mead, honey wine, “the nectar of the gods”. Whatever you call it MoreFlavor Los Altos is sponsoring a class to help you learn more about this wonderful fermented beverage…

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